Overwhelming Wiredtree VPS Bargain

Respected Wiredtree VPS Concept

A week ago, I moved to WiredTree Hosting. I won't be taken aback if people were not concious of the relocation as it was much smoother than the uptime at A2 Hosting, the host we used previous to this. I was at the outset very anxious about switching our website to the new server, therefore I put it off for a few months.

When I at last took the plunge, I discovered that I was getting upset needlessly, because WiredTree's support crew gave such splendid aid and support.

For over a year, I was hosted at A2 Hosting. Unsatisfactory downtime and substandard customer assistance were what we had to endure for the duration of our time with them. In spite of our dissatisfaction, we continued with them for two primary reasons: they were affordable and we were nervous! The allegedly unlimited (details afterwards) and very affordable plans that A2 Hosting offered were what enticed us to them. Payment per month was under $10.

And where the switch was concerned, despite my being tech-savvy, the idea of the move from one web server to the other made me very stressed. We also needed to go from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Hosting procedures is something that's very unknown to me so I was apprehensive that the transition would be a long and challenging procedure. What with operating a full-time law practice, I could not afford to devote much extra time managing server operations.

We did not mind A2 Hostings inadequacies due to their cost and due to our nervousness of the switch. A2 Hosting informed us that the package we paid for was an unrestricted one but they recently notified us that we were implementing too many information on that plan. I'm still at a loss as to what A2 Hosting believes as too many resources being made use of on their unlimited plan. What ultimately helped us to settle on the transfer was when they gave us one week's notice to do it.

WiredTree was introduced to me by somebody.

This is just my own point of view as its founded on my own experience with WiredTree and cannot be regarded as a general public opinion because there may be people who may not feel the same.

It's no surprise that they are one of the fastest growing firms in the U.S. I would strongly suggest WiredTree to those who need a VPS or a dedicated server. Everything has run smoothly for me and my online enterprise throughout the two years that I've been with them.

It is quite considerably more pricey-about $50 monthly-but it is easy to see why. I was convinced by WiredTrees exceptional security measures and assistance that we'd made the right move.. At A2, my support tickets would take hours to obtain a response. At WiredTree, I received a response in minutes. WiredTree even contacted me on my mobile to validate that I'd placed an order. (True people getting in touch with me through the phone!)

The installation was quick, and then a customer support person guided me through saving our previous host, sending it to our latest server, and relocating our internet addresses. All in all, the entire course of action was accomplished within the hour. The trustworthiness of WiredTree's staff is such that even someone who is not computer-savvy will quickly know what needs to be performed under their thorough guidance. So we relocated, but you in all likelihood didn't notice. So the preference is a resounding yes for our new web server, WiredTree.


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